NiceFoto HSS(1/8000s) flash application

Many clients come to ask us when should i need HSS wireless trigger or HSS wireless studio flash? Well today we are going to show the advantages of HSS when taking photos, here we are going to compare the HSS (1/4000s or 1/8000s) and the 1/200s or 1/250s sync speed, hope it can be a very good reference, and hope NiceFoto wireless studio flash and HSS trigger can be reliable assistance when you taking photos.
So the testing equipment we are going to use today as follows:
Camera: Nikon D700
Flash: NiceFoto Q6C
Trigger: NiceFoto NK-1 (HSS & i-TTL, ABCD group)
Subject: Flower
Place: NiceFoto exhibition room
NiceFoto Q6C is designed for Canon DSLR camera, in this review, we used one set external trigger NK-1, and then it can perfectly work with Nikon DSLR camera like D810 or D700; So let’s get started to review the equipment firstly.
  1. Nikon D700 + NiceFoto NK-1 transmitter

  1. NiceFoto wireless studio flash Q6C + NiceFoto NK-1 receiver

  1. NiceFoto NK-1 receiver installed on Q6C

  1. Overview of the connection

  1. Here is the overview photo, showing how it works


So let’s set the Q6C power out as full power 1/1, and test the Nikon D700 1/4000s and 1/8000s sync speed, then we can see the background cloud details is very good:D


Now let’s keep the Q6C power as 1/1, but Nikon D700 shutter speed adjust as 1/200s, now the photo is totally over exposure 

This photo is used 1/250s shutter and 1/64 power output, you can see the power is still too large, as the Q6C power is 600W, so 1/64 still large, so the flower is a little over exposure; as the power out is only 1/64 and shutter speed is only 1/250s, so it cause the background over exposure, without any details.

The weather is sunny day, so you can see using HSS to take photo has two advantages:
1) if the subject background is rear light, then use HSS can keep the details of background
2) also can make full use of aperture, some of high quality lens has aperture like F/1.4, F/1.8 or F/2.8, it can bring excellent blur effect for the background; however if the aperture sets at F/2.8 for example, surely it will increase the photo exposure, and if the shutter speed is normal speed at 1/200s or 1/250s, surely the photo will be over exposure when taking photo at rear light, especially at sunset. So at this time, HSS will show its impressive advantage at such kind occasions.
The above three photos were taken with different shutter speed, the photo-1st, 2nd and 3rd NiceFoto Q6C is full power output 1/1, Nikon D700 F/5.3 ISO-200, only changed the shutter speed from 1/4000s, 1/8000s and 1/200s. The reason why Q6C set as full power 1/1 output is as the camera under high sync speed, if the flash power is not large enough, so it won’t be able to press the sunlight/rear light, then the photo will be “black”, so most of professional photographers prefer large power flash like 400w and 600w flash, some even like 800w or 1000w, when taking photos outside.
At last, attached the four photos comparison settings and photo for all of our partners review, hope it can a good tips for you using our HSS studio flash or HSS trigger!
Camera Aperture Shutter speed ISO Studio Flash Power
Nikon D700 F/5.3 1/4000s ISO-200     NiceFoto Q6C 1/1
Nikon D700 F/5.3 1/8000s ISO-200     NiceFoto Q6C 1/1
Nikon D700 F/5.3 1/200s ISO-200     NiceFoto Q6C 1/1
Nikon D700 F/5.3 1/250s ISO-200     NiceFoto Q6C 1/64


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NiceFoto service department 15th May, 2015
Operated, photo and edited by Stone Fan