High speed flash and high speed sync flash(HSS) differences

Hi, this is Stone from China, i am product marketing manager of NiceFoto and i like flash photography. Based on the lighting products promotion experience in the past few years, we found that many photographers feel confused about concept high speed flash and high speed sync flash(HSS), what is the differences between them? so today i am going to share some of my ideas to help all photographer friends to make it clear their differences and hope you would like it. now let's get started! 

High speed flash, also named FP mode in NiceFoto nflash or freezing mode. when studio strobe at this mode, photographer can use normal shutter speed (below 1/200s or 1/250s) then can freeze fast moving subject, because in this mode, even though the shutter speed sync is not fast(1/200s), but the flash duration time or named flash speed is very fast(1/1000s), using the flash speed(1/10000s) to capture wonderful moments, it is very suitable for commercial shooting like dancing and creative advertising photography, using the high speed flash can let the picture looks very sharp and brilliant.

High speed sync flash, named as HSS, at this flash mode, shutter speed beyond normal shutter speed(1/200s or 1/250s), which can max up to 1/8000s, while the studio strobe does not pop up one flash, instead it flashes extremely fast in a “multi flash mode” . At this “multi flash mode”, the studio strobe looks like a continuous light for the camera shutter time (1/1000s). In flash photography, aperture is to control subject exposure, while the shutter speed is to control environment exposure or ambient light. so the high speed sync flash is mainly used for overpowering the sunlight in daylight, making the ambient light darker to create dramatic effect. Many photographers like to use this HSS mode to shoot fast moving subject, like i mentioned above, at HSS mode, the studio strobe is a “continuous light”, it will cause the fast moving subject edge a little blur if you zoom in the picture; but in the above high speed flash, it can freeze the fast moving subject very well.

Sincerely hope the above article can help you tell the differences between high speed flash and high speed sync flash, different ideas will be welcome, send email to 
info@nicefoto.cn, thank you.