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1.High speed sync 1/8000s;1st&2nd curtain flash sync.

2.1/32-1/1 stepless adjustment; full power flash 320-360 times.
3.5500k±200k color temperature.
4.Wireless control,Mixture control,Remote trigger.
5.Battery (12v-6600mAh)built in flash (without cable but free).
6.Receiver 2.4GHz  inside 
100M distrant range with 3 groups 7 channels.
7.Overheating protection device.
8.Compatible TTL series trigger from NiceFoto up to 1/8000s for Nikon
The above data are based on indoor environment of 25℃,ISO=200,2m distance,with standard reflector,average of 100 times tese

Model Q4C/ Q6C
Output power 400ws/600ws
Power range 7 f-stop (1/64-1)
Li-ion battery  12V-7000mAh      
Power source Interchangeable & memoryless battery
Flash times (full power) 360times /320times
Battery-charging time 6 hours (with self-protection)
Battery charging way Plug-in charging type
Recycling time 0.1-3.5s
Protection device Overheating protection
Triggering way 100m, with inner 2.4GHz remote control
Modeling bulb 12V 35W (with energy-saving mode)
Buzz Yes (ON/OFF)
GN 56/68 
Color temperature 5500K±200K
High speed Sync 1/8000s

Package include
1. Flash head with movable battery  1pc 
2. TTL-316C transmitter 1pc  
3. Charge 12 V 1pc
4. Aluminum case 1pc 
5. Manual 1pc

The products of our company are updating continuously,if have anychanges,will not note in advance;
The technical specification is just for reference,once have some nuance between pictures and entity,
please all in kind prevail,we will keep the final interpretation,thanks so much for your kind cooperation.


High-speed moving object:1/8000s Sync speed PK 1/250s

Against the sunshine still life:1/8000s Sync PK 1/250s

Support 2rd curtain sync:

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