How to Take Environmental Portraits with nflash600C  (1/8000s HSS)                               
Photography is the art of light-using, you know if without light, in fact we can not see anything in the environment, it is only 
dark and we also can not imagine the original appearance of any object itself,so how to use light is very important for us 
photography people! From the earliest using of natural light,reflectors,speedlite to the current professional outdoor flash light,as to the light, people experienced a slow process from few knowledge to more understand,we have to admit that using light can change the  level and  quality of picture scenario.
Every shooting is a course of independent thinking, preparation,costumes,as well as the communication and selection of models and so on...First should have a final pre-imagine for picture scenario effect before shooting, so it is decided what kind of light, how many lights and how to arrange light to complete a success shoot; If have not any pre-imagine at the beginning and done it without any confidence,this will cause a failure shooting.In a word ,We must understand the whole process of the photography firstly, such as good background, the specific location of the model, and also established the composition of picture.After these preparation, the next is to set the main light, and use it to establish the image style.
 I would like to introduce a well-know outdoor flash here bellow-NiceFoto nflash600C in the domestic and international market, nflash600C can support Hi-speed sync at the whole power range(1/32-1/1), not only to achieve hi-speed sync, and also the battery inside light body,no need power pack and power cable,it works at any time any place,light-weight and easy to carry for outdoor shooting ,also more conducive in studio photography.I personally like shooting with backlight ,backlight shooting will highlight the sense of stereo of subject title much better.Because of the light irradiation angle,makes the both kinds of lights have a big contrast when shooting,increased the difficulty of shooting, the subject will appear shaded in the portrait photography,we usually use the reflector or speedlite to fill light for the shadow of portrait .
Example 1. One Light Scene and Works



Example 2: Two Lights Scene and Works

As for the location of outdoor shooting, far or close, big or small light ratio, with or without soft light accessories,camera parameter,and how many lights to shape picture effect,all of these should be depends on you, you must think wellby yourself,then can take the satisfied photos.As different persons with different hobby , aesthetics and seeking,so will create many difference.Regard as parameter setting,personally think it is useless,because it is subject to various conditions,such as weather,environment,small or big the parameter is changeable ,and not fixed mode.Grasp the truth, understand its principles, then can control it better!
For example, if the light is good, shooting time at around 13:00, I want to take a large aperture and small fresh backlight picture scenario, I tentatively set F=2, as ambient light is enough,fix ISO=100, with a lamp to fill light, make the lamp located 45 degrees in front of the model,or at the left or right position , temporarily set light ratio as 1: 1, based on all of the set to determine T=600 , try to take a photo, to see the effect, if over-exposure,raise speed,if under-exposure,decrease speed. With time passed, will have a good judgment on the parameters naturally! As for the tone of the picture scenario ,cold or warm , how to restore the atmosphere of the scene , of course, inseparable from the color temperature setting and white balance settings.I play with Kevin, the greater the value is ,more warm,otherwise more cold, warm and cold are all relative, to achieve what you want is the best! Take environmental portraits with small aperture is the same reason, with big power supply reason mainly,outdoor flash light can press down ambient light around, at the same time ,can fill light for the model, and will take much better photos with more sense of level and more satisfied title.Of course, above all concerned,are about M setting, M setting can reflect ourselves better, all the fun is to play with the equipment 
instead of equipment playing with us.
Example 3: Three Lights Scene and Works



Example 4: More Works Appreciation