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  • 08-经典

Brand: NiceFoto

Model: n flash 300/400/600


  * Built-in Li-ion battery nflash 400/600(12V-6600mAh),nflash300(12V-2000mAh)
  * Bowens mount,no cable wireless to use very freely in and outside.

  * Bulit in 2.4GHz trigger,1/320s sync speed

*With Φ3.50 sync jack,support external trigger 1/8000s HHS.


  With the wireless studio flash, you don't need to take a heavy power pack with you for outdoor photography, it is so petite that it is just a light head. Moreover, there isn't any cables surround in the flash, it is really convenient. Besides outdoor photography, it is also convenient for studio photography. Let us imagine, with the flash, you just need to hold it on the light stand, no power cable to disturb you, or make you feel press, isn't it perfect?


Model n flash 300 n flash 400 n flash 600
Output power 300ws 400ws 600ws
GN 36 56 68
Flash times (full power) 240 times 360 times 320 times
Recycling time 0.1-2s 0.1-3s 0.1-5s
Power range 6 f-stop (1/32-1/1)
Li-ion battery 12V-2000mAh 12V-6600mAh
Power source Interchangeable & memoryless battery
Battery-charging time 3 hours 6 hours
Battery charging way Plug-in charging type
Protection device Overheating protection
Triggering way 100m, with inner 2.4GHz remote control
LED modeling light 5W (manual ON/OFF)
Buzz Yes (ON/OFF)
Color temperature 5500K±200K


    1. Light head = 1pc, with battery and lampshade reflector,
    2. Modeling bulb = 2pcs,
    3. Al-case strap = 1pc,
    4. n flash private strap = 1pc,
    5. 2.4GHz 16 channels transmitter = 1pc,
    6. Al-case = 1pc,
    7. Soft disc = 1pc.